Hi, I'm Scott Dylan, Co-Founder at Inc&Co and Entrepreneur based in Manchester, UK

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Scott Dylan is Co-Founder of Inc&CO Group Formerly he was Group Managing Director at We are AD (now After Digital) & Fluid Creativity Business Transformer, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Strategist, Scott Dylan is a catalyst for robust business transformation and growth, taking a prospect or static business and achieving significant improvements, growth and sustainable business across diverse industries.  Scott Dylan's passion lies in achieving results, evident throughout his career in roles such as Octopus Investments, Ditto Music and a UK Top 15 Agency, working on ambitious projects; reinvigorating static brands, spearheading innovative concepts such as with ANDigital, Alienation Digital, We are AD (now After Digital) and creating truly ‘digital business’.  Scott Dylan is an experienced and highly effective business leader and director, with experience of company acquisitions, management buyouts and delivering organic growth to rejuvenate business performance. Scott also advises businesses on Growth, Strategy, Finance and Insolvency. Always ambitious and visionary in his approach to business transformation, Scott Dylan understands the fundamental importance of a people oriented culture. As such, within his most recent role, Scott was responsible for a new corporate culture programme, helping to embed changes and new developments. Furthermore, he is detail oriented and never afraid of a challenge or problem; the traits of a real leader. Consistently thinking in the most innovative of ways, one of his most recent successes has been to introduce Agile Methodology, utilising it as a corporate methodology and not just for delivery of projects. In addition, as a highly experienced Digital Strategist, Business Transformer and Entrepreneur, Scott Dylan's expertise ranges from development through to digital transformation. This professional background has enabled me to acquire invaluable and transferable skills, which he utilises for diverse and challenging roles as a director, interim director or non-executive. To any organisation Scott Dylan can offer tenacity, clear direction and confident leadership, with the vision, experience and ability to make ambitious business plans a reality.  

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Marketing, Advertising, Web Design, Web Development, Cinema, Films, Books, Climbing, Abseiling, Flying, Traveling